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sweet woodruff

Pick a Sprig of Sweet Woodruff and “Tanz in den Mai!” – “Dance into May!”

May Day is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival with (of course !) a connection to herbs. In Germany, sweet woodruff ( galium odoratum ) is added to Rhine wine to make a delicious drink called Mailbowle. In Romania, mugwort ( artemisia vulgaris ) flavoured red wine is one of the beverages of choice. Spring, dancing, herbs, and wine …. Tanz in den Mai !

Sweet Woodruff contains coumarin, a substance found in rosemary. It is aromatic when dried and was used as a strewing herb to keep beds and mattresses smelling sweet. You can learn more about this plant and how to make your own variation of May wine. https://blog.mountainroseherbs.com/wine

It is a woodland plant and grows well in moist shaded areas. This is one plant that loves cool, wet spring weather. The delicate white flowers make a striking ground cover when they appear in spring.

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