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Plant of the Week – Winter Savory a Year Round Deer Resistant Herb

Winter savory is a “semi-evergreen” hardy perennial that can be harvested year round on Vancouver Island. It grows into a small shrub with shiny, narrow evergreen leaves. It has pale pink flowers in summer that will attract bees. Both the leaves and the flowers can be used fresh or dried to add flavour to your vegetables and meats. A little goes a long way!

At the farm winter savory is used in our culinary blends such as the ‘Provence Blend’ and the ‘Soup and Stew Blend’.
Not only is this plant a wonderful culinary herb, but it is listed as an aromatic herb that repels deer along with other culinary favourites such as French tarragon, lavender, oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage.  That’s quite a claim!

Check out what the Sonoma County Master Gardener’s have to say about discouraging deer using aromatic herbs at:

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