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New Plants We Are Seeding This Season


Leaf Celery also called Cutting Celery or Chinese Celery, is a cut and come again greens crop that looks similar to flat leaf parsley but has a peppery celery flavor. I used to grow this plant in my Cobble Hill home garden years ago, but was not able to find seed for the last couple of years. I am happy to have rediscovered it for this year.

Black Goji is a close relative of the popular red Goji, with dark vitamin packed purple fruit. Happy in our climatic zone and drought tolerant.

Cleopatra Zaatar , what a great name, wouldn’t it be nice to be a plant  name consultant ? Cleopatra Zaatar aka Origanum syriacum ‘Cleopatra’ aka Syrian Oregano is a middle eastern culinary herb. Currently there is a lot of interest regarding medicinal benefits of  this plant. I found a place on Amazon.com selling 10 Cleopatra Zaatar seeds for $29 ! They however can be purchased from “regular” seed companies for much less….. or better yet let me grow them for you and zip out to Yellow Point and pick one up.

Desert Blush Cilantro is a improved slow bolting cilantro with vibrant red stems. Just in time for Cilantro / Coriander being the 2017 Herb of the Year.

Anthos Valerian is an improved “more uniform” high oil content variety of this popular medicinal herb.

Barba Di Cappuccino (Plantago coronopus ‘Minutina’) is a salad green originating from Southern Italy, said to be a perennial in our mild Vancouver Island climatic zone, might make a nice winter green !

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