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Poetry in the Garden

poetry-2Throughout the month of September we are featuring Poetry in the Garden. This is an exhibit of short poems installed as garden art. We are delighted to present an impressive collection from local writers.

The idea for this project was inspired by our Annual Writers Festival that has taken place in the farm orchard every August for the past seven years. This event is organized by WordStorm, a local group promoting written arts in Central Vancouver Island. With their help, our vision to combine two of our passions, gardening and writing, has been realized.

We hope that visitors to the farm this fall will enjoy the experience!

Big thanks to the contributors to the “random writings in the garden”,  Carla Stein, Carolyn Redyl, Christine Beryl, Cornelia Hoogland, David Fraser, iancognito, Lorraine Gane, Naomi Beth Wakan, and Ruth Hill.

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